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"I'm at loss of words along with my 32 pounds in ONLY 3 months!!! This transformation meant so much to me in attendance for a wedding!"


"I'm a 28 year old mother that began my weight loss journey at 218lbs. With walking, doing home videos and the help of Prescription Weight Loss I'm now at my goal of 164! I lost a range from 7-10 lbs per month!"


"I've always been a night eater but every appetite suppressant I would take it would either keep me up or I would still be hungry. I went to Prescription Weight Loss, Inc. and was prescribed Diethylpropion I take it two to three times a day. No more restless nights or digging in the kitchen!


I have just reached my goal and slipped my wedding ring finger back on! It has been five years since I have been able to fit my wedding ring on, within five months it's on for good! This program has been so easy, quick and effective, I'm continuing with the Pharmaceutical B-12 for my metabolism.


I am manager at a restaurant and have struggled with my weight for years. I never would have thought I'd be able to follow a weight loss program. This was by far the easiest thing ever! I was able to get to my goal within 4 months and the best part is this was six months ago and I'm still at my goal!


One summer, I found PWL. I found they not only offered an appetite suppressant and fat burner but were some of the kindest, most knowledgeable people who really cared about my results. I lost 50 lbs. and have not felt this energized in a very long time. I have kept the weight off for a year by watching what I eat, continuing the fat burner and exercising regularly. Finding PWL was a lifesaver for me."


Shelly, Gulf Breeze


"The entire staff is so warm, friendly, and welcoming. Since day one, they have been amazing source of support. Since my first visit, I‘ve lost 40 lbs."


Amber, Navarre


"My only question regarding Prescription Weight Loss, Inc. is WHY DIDN'T I CALL THEM EARLIER!!!! I am so happy I DID make that call, not only am I 20 lbs. lighter, but my attitude and self-esteem have been amazing. The staff could not have been kinder and informative but they also took time to encourage me and explain everything carefully."


Jackie, Pensacola


"I started Prescription Weight Loss, Inc. and I weighed 316. Now 4 months later, I weigh 238!!!! I am 65 years old and never had more energy and self-esteem."


Ken, Gulf Breeze


"I started Adipex and Pharmaceutical B-12 at 199 lbs., now only a month later I'm at 184 lbs.!! I feel great and now I'm even more determined to reach my goal of 130 lbs. I have changed my eating habits and am feeling great!"


Brandi, Milton


"I have been on Didrex for one month now and have lost 20 lbs!! I feel great and can't wait to hit my goal!!"


Joe, Navarre


"Since my first visit, only FOUR weeks later I'm down 14 pounds!!! I have noticed changes almost immediately. An added bonus has been the TWO inches lost at my waist line. The experience has been great so far. Thank you!"



Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Jordan!


Jordan began the program weighing 308.6 12months later and 110 pounds lighter he has transformed himself! Jordan states that with counting calories, running and being confident in himself this journey became his reality!